Providing a healthier, comfortable learning enviroment for our leaders of tomorrow.


About Us

School Air, Inc. located in Whittier, California for over 20 (twenty) years, and all of our equipment is proudly made in America. School Air is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor unit ventilators for schools, and our reputation for product excellence has been earned through innovative design and high quality manufacturing. The most important criteria’s for schools are indoor air quality, sound levels, and energy efficiency.

School Air excels in all categories, and has become one of the most recognized and respected indoor and outdoor unit ventilators in the industry. The highest quality components, and state of the art controls are engineered into all of our products. Every unit is thoroughly run tested prior to shipping it to our customer, and is accompanied with the test sheets to reference in the field at time of start-up. In addition to providing a healthy, comfortable, learning environment for our leaders of tomorrow, the features in School Air products offers schools a large variety of options. An example of our product offering includes 2 and 4 pipe systems, outdoor wall mount DX, Indoor high efficiency air, water, and glycol cooled systems. All DX units are available as an air conditioner or heat pump.

The School Air systems are designed to provide a healthy school environment, standardizing on two stage scroll compressors, environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, high efficiency electronically communicated motors (ECM), and offers field selectable protocols for remote communications with almost any building management system (BMS) in the industry. All School Air units are standard with CO2 Sensors,100% outside air (OSA) economizer, and a full powered exhaust, along with a vast array of alternative options such as an energy recovery wheel (ERW), face and bypass*, or auxiliary chilled water coils* (*available on 2 and 4 pipe systems only), making School Air one of the most efficient packaged products of its type for classrooms in the industry. Put simply, School Air equipment matches the varying load classroom requirements, day to day and season to season.




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